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Student "Dare to be Great"   
Goal Setting

I don't know if you remember me from marketing and business management at St. E's, but I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for all the positive reinforcment you gave and continue to give to all of your students.
...Thanks to you .. my friend and I had the courage to buy a franchise...
Thanks to you and your encouragement to "dare to be great" my friend and I had the courage to buy a franchise - we are daring to be great and determined to succeed. So many of your words echoed in the back of my mind through the ups and downs of the process -especially- "it's simple - but it's not easy". Thank you again for teaching more than just what's in the text books!

I am a recent graduate of Carnegie Mellon University who took Professor (Gerald Tchir's) Public Speaking class at Fairleigh Dickinson University. I am writing this letter of recommendation to anyone considering Professor Tchir's services for their organization. 1n addition to my ringing endorsement for his teaching, I would like to describe my fulfilling experience in the class, as well as impart how greatly the class improved my oration skills.
...Of the instructors I have had, Professor Tchir ranks among the best....
From the outset of the course, Professor Tchir established a classroom environment that was both dynamic and enjoyable. Participation and interaction were strongly encouraged. Sessions consisted of informative lectures and practical exercises. Although it was a challenging regimen, its constructive spirit made students unafraid of making mistakes. The innovative grading policy was both explicit and fair. With every week, students showed visible progress. By the end of the semester, they had all become skillful public speakers.

I enrolled in the class as a thoughtful person who could not express myself effectively in front of audiences. I would get very nervous, so my delivery was rendered uneven and unclear. Session after session, the class pushed me to improve. In a matter of weeks, I began seeing results. By the end of the semester, my nervousness was under control. I found myself speaking to the audience with confidence and enthusiasm.

Of the instructors I have had, Professor Tchir ranks among the best. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking to improve their organization.


"Great class. He (Gerry Tchir) is the best instructor that I have had so far."
Briad Group, Florham Park, New Jersey

"Prof. Tchir is awesome! Outstanding class. One of the best teachers I've had at FDU."
FDU Student Feedback

The class, Time Management, was the best class I have ever taken within AT&T. Gerry Tchir was the finest lecturer I have ever had the honor to listen to."
Sue Sherrier, AT&T

The following testimonials come from 5th and 6th grade students:
Many people are making new year's resolutions are not S.M.A.R.T., specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timing. My resolutions are to handle money with responsibility, read more, and get more exercise. Thanks to Gerry Tchir this year's resolutions are going to be easy to accomplish.
...Thanks to Gerry Tchir this year's resolutions are going to be easy to accomplish...
The first goal is to handle money with responsibility. The resolution pertains to my family especially because I ask for too much money. I think if I don't ask for as much money as I do I would get out of jail and other words home!!! With the money I get I think I should save!

My second resolution is to read more books. This resolution pertains to my mom because she ponders I watched too much television. I have many books that I say I'm going to read by never get around to actually reading them. This year going to read 12 books by December 31st 2003. I will start with the trilogy of Lord of the rains and the hobbit.

My last but certainly not least goal is exercise. This resolution pertains to me. I exercised a lot when I was little and as I got older I didn't have time to even consider it. I think if I devote one hour everyday to exercising the rude remarks and comments will stop coming my way. Now I think if I just take my time and work at an old too much better.

Many people make resolutions that can't be done but this year I'm going to be S.M.A.R.T., specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timing. My goals are to handle money with responsibility, read more books, and most personal goal is to exercise often. Thanks to Gerry Tchir my resolutions are S.M.A.R.T.! What are your resolutions for 2003?


This paper is based on my goals. You may say, how boring, or maybe you will see that my paper is very interesting. You may be say that I'm headed in the right direction. But I will say I want to be more successful than the average American. I just want to get into a good university. My three goals are to get into algebra next year, be an honor humanities, an increase my skills and basketball. I will achieve these goals with time a hard-working patients.

These goals are S.M.A.R.T. goals. S.M.A.R.T. stands for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timing. I got
...S.M.A.R.T. stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timing....
the idea from Gerry Tchir. My classroom teacher let us talk to him on a speakerphone. He said to be successful in life you have to start now. You have to make goals for your life and try to achieve them. He said every year you need to make your goals higher for yourself. That is why I am making myself goals. I want to be headed in the right direction.

I'm doing my best to get into algebra next year. I have been studying my hardest lately. I am studying will my multiples up to 15. I am also reviewing my math skills. I don't want to have any trouble with any of the algebra problems. I will have other things to worry about, like finding unknown numbers. I also have to worry about other classes like humanities.

My second goal is to get into honor humanities. The humanities are language arts and social studies together I have gotten average scores on my recent projects. I need to get better scores to be in any honor class. I am planning to have a good colonial costume for colonial day. At my school we are studying about colonial times. I also am reading more advanced and complex books to improve my vocabulary. I believe I can make it so I will.

My third goal is to increase my skills in basketball. I'm going to a club at which they teach you how to do skills that the professionals use. I am on a team and we have only lost once. We lost because a few people were being slackers and also being lazy. I'm achieving my basketball goal all the time. I always go to practice and never miss a game. This is actually my hardest goal yet.

You have now read my goals. Now think about it, the think you can be an achiever like I am trying to be. If you want to be somebody in life you have to work hard and the patient. You also have to be in a positive environment. So to become successful you have to start now. Remember the S.M.A.R.T..


What are your goals for 2003? Personally, I think your goals are important for self-esteem and following through. Unfortunately, only 20 percent of people follow through on their goals. I hope to become a better person by following through, personally. My goals are to read at least 50 books by December 31st 2003, be more patient with my mom, taking over our self-defense classes of my friends, manage my money wisely, and be more political in the future year.

My first resolution is to read at least 50 books by December 31st 2003. I would like to achieve this because it will expand my vocabulary, spelling, and writing. Another reason I would like to read more is because it takes me to a different, happy world anytime. The last reason is because I would like to make a goal for my hobby. This is one of my top priorities for this year.

My second goal is to be more patient with my mom. We get along usually, but sometimes we just hit it off. I hate the fights, and we get all emotional afterwards. I want to control my temper with my mom, because I don't want to have any more fights. I guess it is because we are just so like.

I would also like to take a deal to our self-defense class with my friends. With all the kidnapping and scary things happening in this country, I want to feel more secure. As for younger, I would like to take it because everyone who does it loves it. It would like to encounter that feeling too. With my friend I could enjoy these activities even more!

My last (but not least) goal is to become more political in this future year. To be more political I could volunteer for the Democratic Party (of course!) I could also be more updated on the news. I hope to achieve this goal in no time because politics come so naturally to me. I love politics!

My goals are very important to me. I think that every American should make goals and keep them throughout the year. But them in a place you look at every day, and you will achieve them. S.M.A.R.T.!


2003 will be a year that I will accomplish all my goals. My goals are accomplishing all the work habits, being tidy and organized, getting better at all the subjects, and not doing things that I know are longer dangerous. I want to get better at this and accomplish this because last year I didn't accomplish any of this. I just hope I will be able to achieve all of this by the end of 2003.

As you know one of my goals is to accomplish all the work habits. It would be great if I did this every day class. Do you think so? The only thing I have to work is participating class. I do really well in completing assignments and staying on task.

My second goal for 2003 is to be tidy and organized. My desk at home is very messy. Papers from school are only scattered on my desk. Books and pencils are always lying on the ground waiting for me to pick them up. By preventing this to happen in 2003 goal for only the paper that I don't need anymore. I will also not be lazy and just throw my books and pencils on the ground. I will also be organizing in class by using the Panther planner more often.

My third goals for this 2003 is improving in the entire subjects and make the projects easier for me. By improving in the entire subjects I will have to study harder and listen in class carefully I always had a hard time on the reports, projects, or assignments. I always had a hard time on them because I waited the last minute to do it. So when ever I get a project, report, or an assignment in the will write then. When I finish an earlier I get more time to play.

My fourth goal for 2003 is not to do things that I know is long and dangerous and listen to my parents and do as they say. I know that if I watched TV too much I could get glass so I only watched TV after I finish my homework. I will listen to my parents and do as they say because one of my brother when I came when my mom said not to go. When he came back his knees was bleeding. I will listen to my parents because they know better than me.

I hope I can achieve all of this in 2003. They are accomplishing all of the work habits, being tidy and organized, and get better at all the subjects, and not to do things that I know is long and dangerous and listen to my parents and do as they say. All of this is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timing. My goals are S.M.A.R.T.. I hope you make your S.M.A.R.T. goals for 2003.


Teachers, parents and graduating class today we are embarking on a journey to adulthood, but this is just the very beginning. My years here at University Park have taught me many things

In fifth and sixth grade I had Mrs. Tchir as my teacher. One thing she taught me was school isn't just academics. I didn't understand that until I really thought about it. In the upper core you learn social skills and have a deal of life. In the fifth grade we did something called life skills. Every week we had a new like skill and it gave a topic and then steps to work it out or solve it. Ttwo life skills that stuck out in my head were dealing with your feelings and dealing with other's feelings. Each card had four steps on them. After reading them you know what to say that won't offend someone or her them. Now I know that it just isn't those steps on the card, it is what you can add to the card during life that matters the most.

I have been here for six years. In first grade I went to a school in Garden Grove. It was a very nice school, but it was only the first week there that made me think of my friends from kindergarten because I went there. U.P. offers a great education. I learned that after experiencing a lower level that I was at the other school. The teachers here all helped me to understand not just academics, but their experiences growing up and things I was going to go through also.

The one person who taught me perseverance was Mrs. Charlotte Hollis. She was my fourth grade teacher. As many of the know she unexpectedly passed away a couple months ago. Well on the first day of school in fourth grade she taught our class the work perseverance. Perseverance means never give up. Now that I have made it is far I know I persevered. Now, whenever I think of giving up 0 think of her in the work perseverance.

I read the book there to be great by Mr. Gerald Tchir. After meeting him, and he taught me goals in the most important thing in life, short and long-term goals. Also, in his lecture he taught me P. M. A. (personal mental attitude), toward
...failing to prepare is preparing for failure...
things that you are excellent in and things that you are not very good in. One of his most famous quotes, to me, is, "failing to prepare is preparing for failure ". As I leave you with this quote I wish you all good luck.

What I got from this course:

*Being able to confidently and comfortably stand in front of an audience and give an effective speech/presentation without drowning in my sweat!
*Controlling my anxiety prior to and during a presentation.
*Becoming a better team player.
*Better time management.
*How to effectively write a resume and how to effectively perform in a job interview.
*"Dare to be Great", the professor's book, was awesome. I benefited a lot from it. As a result I am :

  • more optimistic
  • less stressed
  • more motivated
  • more focused.

Now I move on to Professor Tchir himself. That guy is awesome! I have already recommended him to all other classmates who have yet to take this course in the upcoming semesters.

... Professor Tchir is not only a mentor and professor to me, he is also my friend...

I want them to experience what I experienced in his class. He is extremely supportive and understanding. I love his style of teaching. He makes you want to come to class. He never be-Little's you and even when people don't perform that well, he would still encourage them and boost their self-confidence. As a result, there was a dramatic improvement in all our class presentations as we progressed throughout the semester.

Most importantly professor Tchir is ideal for a grad school setting because, unlike some other grad instructors, he has treated us as adults right from
the start. He was clear about the objectives of the course from day one but was never rigid. Professor Tchir is not only a mentor and professor to me, he is also my friend. I am proud to know him and have him as my friend.

Thank you professor Tchir for your professionalism and your support.

Tamer Tabak