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Dare to be Great 
By  Gerald P Tchir  

This entire book is an attempt to change your way of thinking. The basic premise is "Believe and Succeed." Believe in yourself; believe that you were born with the seeds of greatness; believe that you are fortunate to live in the greatest country ever known to mankind, filled with unlimited opportunities; and believe in the power of almighty God. From the beginning, we have offered that goals and dreams truly are the keys to greatness. We saw how we become what we think about, and learned that every one of us is the sum total of our own thoughts. During this journey we call life, we are called upon to be of service to others; to build, work, dream, and create. Do this, and we will find there is unlimited prosperity and abundance that will come to us. For no one can get rich without enriching others. "You can get any thing in life you want if you just help enough people get what they want." In closing, I leave you with the words "Think- Believe -Dream -Dare." You can be anything you want to be! My dream and my challenge to you is:



Did you ever wonder why some people become super achievers, while others only talk about success and accomplishments? The difference is not talent, a college education, or rich parents. The difference between those who accomplish their dreams and those who only dream of accomplishing them is that achievers have definite, concrete goals, and a plan on how to accomplish them.

There are laws of cause and effect when it comes to reaching life's objectives, which make success more of a science and not an accident. Anyone with courage and a burning desire to "DARE TO BE GREAT" will be met with a rich, rewarding life, full of abundance beyond any dreams. On the other hand, those who are controlled by life, instead of controlling life, usually wind up frustrated, angry, cynical, or complacent. This work is all about controlled, "positive thinking." It will set forth the equivalent of scientific principles that will generate a new way of creative thinking and strategic planning to help you accomplish your goals. Planning is the connective link between dreams and accomplishment.

"Failing to Prepare is Preparing for Failure"

Success begins with a definition of your goals and objectives, and what you plan to accomplish. Your dreams are the destinations you want to reach; your goals are the signposts of accomplishment that define your path. Your values set the limits for the time and energy that you choose to expend on any dream or goal, and your strategies are the tools of accomplishment. Together with a new way of positive thinking, they become your blueprint for a rich, rewarding journey, and a satisfying fulfilling life. Now challenge yourself-and

Dare to Be Great
Let me begin this adventure by asking you three fundamental questions:
1. Who determines if you will become a success or failure?
2. Who determines if something is possible or impossible?
3. Who determines if you are happy or unhappy?

The answer to all of these questions is-YOU DO!

Today, we live in a marvelous age, one that is filled with abundance and opportunity. We, who live in America, are particularly blessed to be part of the richest land that ever existed, a land of unlimited opportunity, where dreams can truly become reality. As Napolean Hill so brilliantly states in the title of his book, THINK-AND GROW RICH.

If we take one hundred people who all start earning at the age of twenty-five, do you have any idea what will happen to these men and women by the age of sixty-five? All of them initially believe they will become successful. If you asked any one of them if they wanted to be successful, you would be assured that indeed they did; and you would have noticed that they were eager toward life, confident that success was just around the corner. But, by the time they are sixty-five, only one will be rich; four will be financially independent; five will still be working, and a majority, fifty-four, will be broke, or financially dependent upon someone else.

Now let that settle in for a moment. Only five out of one hundred will succeed. Why do so many fail? What's happened to the confident, self-assured individuals who would allow nothing to stand in their way? What's happened to their dreams, their hopes, and their plans? Why is there such an enormous disparity between what they intended to do and what they did not accomplish?

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