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Mary Kay

It Began With a Dream.

Mary Kay Ash created a company to enrich women’s lives. Committed to the philosophy of God first, family second, and career third, her business plan is built upon the Golden Rule, and her belief was that women could, and should achieve their dreams.

The Creative Solutions Unlimited Mission Statement is Helping people to believe and then become the person they really want to be.We help turn dreams into reality.


Seminars & Workshops:

The following Seminars/Workshops are available to Mary Kay Directors and consultants:

Mary Kay Husbands & Significant Others Workshop

This session covers the Mary Kay story, the history and priorities of the Mary Kay Company, Company Fact Sheet, Steps to Success, “How Husbands Can Assist Their Mary Kay Wives,” and answers husbands' questions, objections, and concerns from a male perspective. See below Directors' and Consultants' feedback from these sessions.

*“What’s Holding You Back?”

Are there situations in your life that you feel are holding you back from:

  • Keeping gratifying relationships?
  • Landing the ideal opportunity?
  • Achieving the perfect self-image?
  • Enjoying inner peace?
  • Progressing in your Mary Kay career?
  • Gaining financial independence?
  • Etc…etc…

These issues and others will be addressed in some very insightful, authentic ways to help you recognize, resolve, and take your personal power back! This Mary Kay presentation is guaranteed to create a change that is more than cosmetic.


“The Journey: From Dreams to Reality”

What do you want out of life? Where do you want life to take you? What would you make happier, or give your life more meaning? This provocative, inspirational presentation will enable you to answer these questions by helping you to focus on the values of setting Mary Kay goals, establishing a Mary Kay game plan for life, with a healthy balance of family, career, and personal and emotional needs.


“How To Stay Positive In a Very Negative World”

Do you want to do things with your life as opposed to having things done to your life? This Mary Kay “Check-up from the neck up” will help prevent a “hardening of the attitudes,” and show you how to get yourself “Up” when you get “Down.” It will also help you and your Mary Kay team stop “Majoring in Minors.” This is an enjoyable and “fun” presentation!



Based on my book, this inspiring presentation is designed to change your way of thinking. In this great country of ours, you can be anything you want to be. Reflecting upon the Mary Kay philosophy, and the company’s priorities of God first, family second, and career third, this powerful presentation is will inspire women to achieve their dreams. My challenge is to have you….Dare to Dream… Dare to Create…Dare to Become the Person You Really Know You Want to be……”DARE TO BE GREAT.”

Please see the Business Seminar menu for additional presentations.

Mary Kay Ash
Chairman Emeritus
Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc.

Gerry, I thought you gave a wonderful presentation telling everyone how Mary Kay started this business & what advantages this opportunity this is to everyone. It was great how you compared this opportunity to their regular jobs.

JoAnn Papola
Mary Kay Sales Director

I have always enjoyed listening to you speak.You really put things in perspective and touch on the things it seems we most need to hear. The tips you give are simple and doable and easy to make part of our everyday lives.You give a track for us to run on and I thank you for that. My consultants loved your positiveness and energy. The new consultants felt it was a great way to start their business and the seasoned consultants got a fresh take on their businesses and it propelled them to make the changes necessary to be successful. Again I thank you for your time and for sharing your knowledge.

Linda Leonard-Thompson
Sr. Sales Director of a Pink Cadillac
Circle of Excellence Unit
Mary Kay Inc


Gerry Tchir and Rena Tarbet
Rena Tarbet
National Sales Director
Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc.

Gerry was fabulous. Please let him know that our unit enjoyed him so much. He did such a great job with all the men, and really took the time to personalize his presentation to their interests and inquires. One of my newest consultants said that if she wasn’t already a Beauty Consultant, she would have signed up on the spot after listening to Gerry!  I just hope we can get him back again!!!

Thanks a million to him and Olga for coming all the way to Bless us like that.

Milena Policarpo
Independant Sales Consultant
Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc.

I, too, agree. The men loved Gerry, and one of my consultant’s husbands called to say so. He is now so much more supportive of his wife!!!

Thank you, again, Gerry.

Linda Leonard-Thompson
Senior Sales Director
Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc.

Dear Gerry,

Thank you for sharing at our Fall Advance. You were Great!



Ronnie D'Esposito Klein and Husbands at Fall Advance


Ronnie D’ Esposito Klein
National Sales Director
Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc.


Thank you so much for the fantastic presentation you gave to our consultants last night.

I have been getting rave reviews all day!! They loved you!

Gerry, you have an amazing gift, and you really get people thinking and realizing they are in total control of their lives. really get people thinking and realizing they are in total control of their lives...
Again, THANK YOU!!!!!!!

P.S. My husband is now reading your book………Great!!!


Linda Thompson
Independent Senior Sales Director
Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc.

Hi Gerry,

My people thought you were absolutely wonderful including myself. I really don't think I ever sat in on one of your sessions.

...Got a lot of positive feedback from my people. In fact they want you come back again...

I truly enjoyed it. Got a lot of positive feedback from my people. In fact they want you come back again to do more on another topic and also maybe a husbands class. ...

Warm Regards,

Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc.

Gerry has helped me regain my focus, direction and confidence after a series of setbacks had occurred.  He is an outstanding motivator and teacher and a compelling speaker.

His  passionate belief  in the Mary Kay opportunity and way of doing business, as well as his colossal respect for Mary Kay Ash  created a tidal wave of renewed enthusiasm and purpose, and re-recruited my unit members who heard him speak.

...Gerry has gone the extra mile, and then some,...

Gerry has gone the extra mile, and then some,  to deliver visible, measurable and tangible results.

Thank you, Gerry,  for your high standards of excellence and ethics.

Michele Semper
Ind. Executive Sr. Sales Director
Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc.

Mary Kay Ash
Chairman Emeritus
Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc.

Gerry Tchir, Ronnie Klein, NSD (National Sales Director) and
Tom Whatley, President, Mary Kay Cosmetics.

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