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Business Seminars 

Personal Strategic Planning
Where Are You Going And How Will You Get There?

Time Management
How To Create The Eight Day Week And Accomplish More.


Financial Independence
The Written Plan To "Set Yourself Free".

Effective Meeting Planning
The "AZ" Approach To An Effective Meeting.

Art Of Selling
How To Get People To Like And Trust You And Generate A Fortune In The Process.

Self Confidence/Self Esteem
Learn How To Do What You're Afraid To Do.

Asking The Right Questions To Present The Right Opportunity.


Overcoming Objections
How To Change "No" To "Know" More About Your Opportunity.

The Gateway To New Business.

 Multiply Yourself In Expanding
 Your Business.

 Self Discipline
 Learning To Do What You Have
 To Do.

Skills And Techniques In Becoming A Master Negotiator.

Effective listening
How To Really Hear and Understand.

Individual & Group Presentation Skills
How To Make An Effective, Power Presentation To Any Group Or Audience.

Organization Skills
Get Your Act Together; Wage War On Paperwork; Learn How To Save Time, Money, & Aggravation.



Team Building
The Synergy To Make2 Plus 2 Equal 5.

Public Speaking
Oral Communication Is Vital To Success.

Gaining Access To Key New Contacts & Prospects.

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