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Public SpeakingPublic Speaking/ Communication Skills Development

Learning how to speak and communicate effectively will equip you with the most effective success and leadership tool available. Our program is not just about the techniques for preparing and making a good presentation. It is also about making meetings more effective, creating stimulating after dinner speeches, gaining success in your company, preparing outstanding impromptu speeches, and writing clear reports and compelling letters. These skills are basic, essential, and directly related to any successful career. In education, business, religion, and our society in general, these are basic, fundamental, and successful coping skills.

A survey of almost 1,000 public secondary school principals across the United States was conducted to determine the criteria they believed most important to teaching effectiveness. Communications skills
Learn how to overcome fear & master the art of public speaking/communications
were identified as the most important criteria used by principals in hiring teachers. Included in these criteria were interpersonal communications, poise, oral communications, enthusiasm, listening skills, and writing skills.

A study by Curtis, Winsor, and Stephens, surveyed a random sample of 1,000 personnel managers across the United States to determine the most important factors in obtaining post graduate employment and successful job performance. The top 4 essential factors were oral communications, listening ability, enthusiasm, and written communication skills. The most important skills for successful job performance were interpersonal and human relations skills, speaking skills, and written communications skills.

Effective communication and speaking skills are not just important to those who desire to become public leaders and speakers. They are an essential part of all effective interpersonal communication, whether public or private, personal or professional. They are an integral component of effective interpersonal skills; therefore, developing skills in public communication increases self confidence, poise, and assertiveness. Effective communication puts people in charge of their lives.

Course Description
Theory and practice in oral communications and presentation skills. The purpose of this course program is to develop a student's confidence, poise, skill, and techniques in speech organization and delivery. Emphasis is placed on frequent public speaking opportunities, with the presentation of constructive, positive feedback, including organization and delivery of material.

Each student will learn how to overcome and master the fear of public speaking. This course will provide all the information necessary to prepare and present effective public speeches. It will also provide the means to express ideas so well that others are touched, moved, and persuaded by them.

Challenge yourself, then rise to meet that challenge

The art of effective communications is not only significant; it is an essential, critical life skill. It is important that everyone develop excellent communications skills and techniques. This development grows out of increased self awareness, knowledge of various communications methods, personal experience, and constant practice. This program is structured around these beliefs and convictions.

Course Objectives
1. To help the student become an effective, confident public speaker.
2. To provide the student with opportunities to identify the responsibilities of a
sender and receiver, and effectively function in either of these roles.
3. To provide the student with the opportunity to participate in a variety of
evaluated oral presentations.
4. To identify significant elements of communication theory and practice.
5. To make this course an effective, practical, and "fun" learning experience.

Speech Evaluation Guideline
1. Attitude 7.   Posture
2. Poise 8.   Eye Contact
3. Energy 9.   Projection
4. Physical Movements 10. Clarity
5. Diction 11. Imagination
6. Rate 12. Creativity

Challenge Yourself, Then Rise To Meet That Challenge

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