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"Failing to Prepare Is Preparing for Failure"

A professional personal coach is someone who gives one on one help to people who want to make a significant lifestyle, career, or quality of life change.

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Why do you need a professional personal coach?
1. Because lasting change doesn't happen overnight!
2. Corporations today can no longer be expected to take care of workers.

We saw that in the late 90's and early 2000's with downsizing or "right sizing." September 11'th had an incredible impact on the quality and purpose of our lives.
Lasting change doesn't happen overnight, nor by itself. Let me help you on your journey. Dare To Be Great!

People started asking themselves some hard questions like, "Isn't there anything else?" and "What will make me happy, or give me a sense of purpose?" People today are redesigning their lives to reflect their own creativity .... people now want to make their own contributions and be satisfied and fulfilled in their lives. People are now ready to re design their work efforts to fit their new life styles and values, not design their lives around work. Do you live to work or work to live?

Some people call themselves coaches, but they are really consultants. We define professional personal coaching as empowering other people to help accomplish their goals. A coach stays with the client to help implement new skills, new changes, new goals, to help ensure they really do happen.

Coaching is not therapy. A good coach is someone who is understanding and easy to talk to, providing support, direction, and motivation. The coach will help create an effective strategy to facilitate change, and help clients stay focused on accomplishing their goals.

Today, you will not find a great deal of positive support and encouragement. Owners and managers generally work 60 to 80 hours per week, take little or no vacation time, because they think everything will fall apart if they are not on the job. They generally end up a slave to the business. Does this sound like you?

If so, let me help you formulate your own personal vision, your own mission statement, and an effective game plan to accomplish the dreams you've abandoned.
• What do you want out of life?
• Where do you want life to take you?
• What would make you happier, or give your life more meaning?

Lasting change doesn't happen overnight, nor by itself.

The Benefits of "Dare To Be Great"
Personal Coaching

1. Custom Designed Coaching Program
Personal Coaching will give you customized training to achieve your specific
goals, based upon your specific needs, within a specified time frame. Through
personal assessments, performance and activity reviews, and time plan
management, your individual situation and progress will be evaluated on an on
going basis. We will identify your areas of strengths and weakness, and provide specific recommendations in areas of suggested improvement. Together we will develop your desired goals based upon what is important to you, and your individual needs. We will also deliver a time line to monitor progress in the accomplishment of your goals.

2. Personalized "One On One' Attention
Our approach to Personal Coaching stresses the value and benefits of individual, one on one training, monitor progress, and maintain focus on goal achievement.

3. Convenience
Personal Coaching provides you with the flexibility to receive training "either at
my office or yours." You can schedule your coaching sessions whenever and
wherever is convenient to you.

4. Proven Results
Personal Coaching works because I will help you learn and then master skills
that you will need to form lasting habits for permanent change. This success
driven process helps to create positive, useful behavior that leads to achievement of personal and professional goals.

5. Accountability
Together we develop specific, measurable goals; monitor progress within pre
determined time lines, and prevent slippage into previous, unproductive habits.

6. Feedback
Personal Coaching will provide you with positive, useful, and specific feedback to motivate you into action. Our ultimate goal is to have you become highly proactive in taking personal responsibility for achieving your goals.

7. Confidential
All information discussed in our customized Personal Training program is held
strictly private, and completely confidential.

Greatness can be defined from various perspectives, from changing careers, to rebuilding family relationships, to numerous ways of accomplishing your goals or to overcome your most difficult challenges. Personal coaching provides s new level of goal oriented, focused direction, with one on one support from a proven resource. Weekly coaching sessions are custom designed for your specific needs, with accountability and motivation that helps promote positive change within you.

The reason why Personal Coaching works is because you and your coach stay focused and work together as a team in achieving your goals! Changing habits and behavior takes more than awareness and knowledge. To achieve long term, permanent change, something more is needed to bridge the gap between knowledge
and practical application of proven principles …determination, and your Personal Coach.

Did you ever stop to wonder why some people become super achievers, while others only talk about success and accomplishments? The difference is not talent, a college education, or wealthy parents. The difference between those who accomplish their dreams and those who only dream of accomplishing them is that achievers have definite, concrete goals, and a specific plan on how to accomplish them. You are supported by a positive coach who provides effective motivation and direction.

The Challenge

Think ... Believe ... Dream ... Dare! You can be anything you really want to
be. My dream, and my challenge to you is: "Dare to begin; Dare to Become Everything You Think, Can, and Want to Be. Now here is the key to this opportunity:



Contact me, and let's put together a game plan
for your personal and professional life.

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