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"Great class. This guy (Gerry Tchir) is the real deal."
"Gerry Tchir definitely knows his stuff. He's the best instructor I have had so far." "I would like to attend any other classes taught by this instructor; he really makes you stop and think."
"I enjoyed the class very much. Keep up the good work." "This guy is real good; he made me think!"

Presentation Feedback from the Briad Group, Florham Park, New Jersey. (Own Wendy's and Friday's).
"Lots of laughter was heard coming from Bakita Hall ... and that's a good thing!" "The workshops were excellent; interesting, informative, and motivating."
"How to Stay Positive in a Very Negative World: Super motivational speaker. Thank you for having him (Gerry Tchir) here today; I would love to have him speak at my school's in-service program."
"Dare to be Great" presentation: very inspiring to my life." "Workshops were absolutely wonderful; made the rest of my day." "How to Stay Positive in a Very Negative World" was superb! "Terrific." "Gerry Tchir was fantastic .... excellent public speaker."

Presentation Feedback from the Catechetical Congress, Diocese of Metuchen. "Your contribution to the day was invaluable."

Ijust wanted to take a minute and thank you for the five weeks you taught our Executive Communication and Leadership Course. At first I was very apprehensive about taking a Saturday course during the Intersession, because of its short time frame and intensiveness. It was my first Graduate level course and I can truly say I had no expectations.

...I have gained more in five weeks, than I’ve had in the past through a whole regular semester...

As each week passed I became more and more engaged in the subject. I feel this course should always be structured on a five week basis. My classmates and I certainly agreed on that. It’s a quick and effective way to learn better communication within the workplace and in our own personal lives. I have gained more in these five weeks, than I’ve had in the past through a whole regular semester. Not only do I have more confidence, but the presentation and writing exercises you had us do are currently being applied in my own workplace. Your teaching style was personal, realistic and very hands-on. By the last session, I felt I knew everyone in class.

As you know when you work in Admissions, presenting is critical. I deal with prospect student and parents on a day to day basis. My communication and presentation style has improved greatly. I wish you the best and hope many more can gain from this course.
Thank you.

Pamela Marcenaro

"Prof. Tchir is awesome! He teaches self-esteem and self-confidence in a way that students' do not realize what is going on."
"Excellent teacher .... outstanding course!"
"The teacher, Mr. Tchir, is one of the Best teachers I have had at FDU."
"Prof. Tchir is Great; I would advise anyone to take this course. He makes public speaking easy and fun."
"I loved coming to class, and preparing to present my speeches. I learned a lot."
"I learned how to overcome the fear of public speaking. I'm sorry that I didn't take this course sooner."
"Great activities and class participation. The instructor, Mr. Tchir, was Excellent." "Great Public Speaking instructor."
"The opportunity to learn from such a gifted instructor as Mr. Tchir. I will miss not having Mr. Tchir for another semester. Thank you, Mr. Tchir."
"One of the best professors and courses I've had at FDU. Great Class!"

Fairleigh Dickinson University Student Public Speaking Feedback.

I am a recent graduate of Carnegie Mellon University who took Professor (Gerald Tchir's) Public Speaking class at Fairleigh Dickinson University. I am writing this letter of recommendation to anyone considering Professor Tchir's services for their organization. 1n addition to my ringing endorsement for his teaching, I would like to describe my fulfilling experience in the class, as well as impart how greatly the class improved my oration skills.

From the outset of the course, Professor Tchir established a classroom environment that was both dynamic and enjoyable. Participation and interaction were strongly encouraged. Sessions consisted of informative lectures and practical exercises. Although it was a challenging regimen, its constructive spirit made students unafraid of making mistakes. The innovative grading policy was both explicit and fair. With every week, students showed visible progress. By the end of the semester, they had all become skillful public speakers.

1 enrolled in the class as a thoughtful person who could not express myself effectively in front of audiences. I would get very nervous, so my delivery was rendered uneven and unclear. Session after session, the class pushed me to improve. In a matter of weeks, I began seeing results. By the end of the semester, my nervousness was under control. I found myself speaking to the audience with confidence and enthusiasm.

Of the instructors I have had, Professor Tchir ranks among the best. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking to improve their organization.


How can we begin to thank you for your marvelous presentation, "The journey, From Dreams To Reality"? Your lecture was the highlight of our Siena Series. God has given you a great gift and you use it well.
Rev. Msgr. Charles W. Gusmer, S.T.D, V.E

The whole audience could apply these concepts to help them move ahead in whatever they do. I think this Success Seminar Series is really helping the participants to focus on their business. Great job!

Leslie Ann Lapidakis


Gerry is a likable, informative, and excellent instructor. The knowledge that I gained from attending these sessions will have a lasting impact on my new goals for 1997 and my future success.

Ron Simmons, CFS, RFC

I just wanted to tell you that your presentation to the Support Services supervisory staff was well received. After each of the sessions, our supervisors could be heard discussing the importance of goal setting, the finer points of time management, key ideas in organization skills, and last, but not least, their role in leadership. Gerry, great job.
Mary Ellen Conover
I am really happy that I got the opportunity to take theExecutive Communication & Leadership course under your instruction. It was a great learning experience. In fact when I just came here I thought that this course would be unnecessary but today I realize its importance, as MBA’s are required to be in an environment wherein they have to keep on giving presentations. This class gave me ample of opportunities to improve my presentation skills apart from some very valuable insights on interesting topics like interview skills, team work, resume writing etc. The way the classes were planned was really good as it enabled more class room interaction between fellow classmates. Taking this course in the very first semester helped me a lot in my presentations in other classes. I am thankful to you as I always thought that I am never going to be able to overcome stage fright and the excitement while giving a presentation. All the credit goes to you for my success in this course. I wish to be in constant touch with you through mails in future.

Thanking You.
Warm Regards,

Abhinav Porwal

WOODBRIDGE TV TAPING: I just wanted to write you a quick email letting you know how much fun I had doing the wellness segment for Woodbridge TV. I have to tell you that the last time I did an interview like that was for the salon guy's web TV show and I was terrified! It showed on camera too but this time I wasn't even a tiny bit nervous or "excited"!
...I wasn't even a tiny bit nervous...I definately think Jerry's class had a lot to do with it...
I felt comfortable and spoke to Kelly and the viewers straight forward just passing on my knowledge. I definately think Jerry's class had a lot to do with it because the previous show I did was before his class. What a huge difference it made in my confidence. Thanks again for giving us the opportunity to not only be great in our field but out side the box too! Have a great day!!

Krisztina Russo