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On behalf of Fr. Roman Mirchuk, Fr. Joseph Szupa, myself and the North Jersey Ukrainian Catholic Deanery, I would like to sincerely thank you for participating in our Ukrainian Catholic Youth Gathering. It has been almost two months since the gathering and the positive buzz about the event continues.

In reviewing the surveys completed that day, I am delighted to say that your presentation was very well received by the young adults. The content as well as the interactive style of presentation set the tone for the day. It really was one of the most relevant and attention grabbing presentations many young people have ever heard. The way you talked to the youth was amazing, and I know that you helped a few people in the room, probably without even realizing it.

The ad hoc comments included on the surveys emphasize the need to do more events such as this one; where there is an opportunity to provide Christian values based-guidance in a friendly, wholesome, environment, and for young adults to meet one another, and share ideas and opinions freely.

May God continue to shower you with His Graces and grant you and your family much happiness, good health, and long life!

Rev. Ivan Turyk

Working with Gerry has been an absolute honor. We were able to take an idea and turn it into a powerful event that has been life altering. Gerry has the tools to extract resources that were key in the success of my project. His kind nature and keen sense of business is a gift that I have been so privileged to work with.

My meetings with Gerry have been so powerful, he plants seeds on a personal and business level that continue to grow steadily in my life.

My meetings with Gerry have been so powerful, he plants seeds on a personal and business level that continue to grow steadily in my life. I believe that surrounding myself with those who play life at a high level is the best way to reach the top and Gerry does just that! Thank you Gerry for aiding me in making my dreams come true! Keep shining.

Claudia Mandreucci – A Force For Good

I just want to thank you for being such an inspiration and a true leader. I have learned so much from you and my classmates over the last six weeks. I am really glad that I took this class.

  • The class was interactive and included EVERYONE.
  • EVERY class was interesting. There was NEVER a boring moment.
  • I have dramatically improved my verbal communication skills.
  • I am more confident in presenting in front of an audience.
  • I got feedback on my performance from my peers.
  • I became friendly with my classmates, and got to know them on a personal level.
  • I learned something new from each class.
  • This class has empowered me to better myself.

Thanks for a great six weeks.


Professor Tchir, I am dropping you a quick note to say thank you for the class. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. This class was my first in almost 15 years of being out of school. Not only did I improve my writing and speaking skills, I gained confidence in my ability to function as an executive. 

I believe that my wonderful experience is due in large part to the small class size. I developed friendships with my classmates. There are four people out there who were  supportive of me going through the development process in the class and continue to be supportive of me now that the class has finished. 

I know that I am a better student, professional, and, most importantly - a better person for this experience.

While preparing for our final presentations, we emailed each other words of encouragement. I do not know if I could have progressed as far as I did without their support. Throughout the class, I believe the constructive advice I received was sincerely meant to help me improve myself.

I know that I am a better student, professional, and, most importantly - a better person for this experience.

Robyn Brown

Professor Tchir, I just want to say THANK YOU. Words cannot express the gratitude that I have for you. You are an absolute inspiration, and I believe that taking your class was the best thing that I could have done. The various techniques, personal attention and books that you have offered to me in this class has given me more confidence and preparation than I could have ever expected. Everything that you have given me, I have put to use. Dare to be great has given me the confidence and allowed me to realize what type of job I wanted, where I wanted to establish a career, and what type of goals I needed to set for myself. Writing that works as well as Speaking your Way to the Top helped me a  great deal in fixing up my resume as well as performance of the interview. Professor Tchir, you helped me to develop myself, my speaking, and my performance whether it be in or outside the work place.

Before entering into this class, I had no idea what I was in store for, now I see that It was a blessing in disguise. I tell everyone about your class, and have given my sister your book to read... (It's contagious!!!!!!)

Once again, THANK YOU for your teachings!!!

Vanessa Parker

The purpose of this letter is to THANK YOU for your help, guidance and wisdom that you have imparted to me over these past months. I would encourage without hesitation those who are looking for direction, in either their professional or personal lives, to seek you out. You are a gifted teacher, who is willing to share your experience and talent to help anyone interested in changing their lives and accomplishing their goals.

...I encourage without hesitation those who are looking for direction, in either their professional or personal lives, to seek you out...
Before I met you, everything was different. I had lost all hope; things just seemed to be getting worse, and just plain hopeless. I was in despair; I had no confidence; 1 was miserable; and in a word, unhappy! Unhappy with everything; my personal life, my job, my outlook on life. Then I attended one of your self-help seminars, and it convinced me of the powerful message that was being shared with the group. The message was self empowerment, and I knew I had found the way' When I mustered up enough courage to confide in you my desperate need to get my life back in order again, you cared enough to offer your compassion, knowledge and assistance to me. You built up my self-esteem; you strengthened my confidence and you gave me the courage to change my direction. With your guidance, I was able to re-evaluate my priorities and provide a new focus on life. Your mentoring skills enabled me to change my attitudes, and reestablish something that I had lost, my personal integrity. I changed the direction of my life for the better; I could not have done it without you!
...I changed the direction of my life for the better; I could not have done it without you!...
I now feel as if there is a brighter future, full of hope and possibilities. I could not have made this incredible change without your wisdom and caring direction. For this, I will always be grateful to you. You have touched my life in ways that few others ever have. You have given me the strength to better myself. You have opened the door for me, and shown me the way. As my mentor and coach, I can only say Thank you for your leadership, wisdom, and your confidence in me to help me move forward with, my life.

Love, and May God bless you always,

Theresa Reilly

It's hard to mention all of the great things your coaching has done for me. This would take up too many pages.  However, what I can say in short, is that the time we spend together weekly is valuable and priceless. Your methods of goal setting and planning have taken my personal and business life to a whole new level.
...because of you , I have to worry about paying a millionaire 's tax!!...
Unfortunately , because of you , I have to worry about paying a millionaire 's tax!!   What a terrible thing to say!

 However, I feel unstoppable and therefore have proven to be a success with your mentoring.

 I say to anyone who wants to take his/her personal and business wealth to a whole new level, they would be foolish not to use the methods of the Master Coach Tchir.

Thanks again for all of your help.

Howard Panes, CEO, Howfit

On behalf of the Administrative Council of the College of Saint Elizabeth, thank you for your wonderful presentation on "How to Be Positive In A Very Negative World,'' on November 19. Your insights made our professional development day a valuable experience for everyone involved. I've heard from several of my colleagues who enjoyed your talk very much. Some people are beginning to put your suggestions into practice, which is even better testimony to its effectiveness!

Again, thank you and best wishes for a very happy Christmas season.

Jeanine Hirsch, Vice President

I wanted to thank you for all of your help scheduling the classes. The class, Time Management, was the best class I have ever taken within AT&T. The instructor, Gerry Tchir was the finest lecturer I have ever had the honor to listen to. I hope in the future I will have the privilege of attending another class of which he will be the instructor.
Sue Sherrier

First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for Mr. Tchir for being genuinely interested in reaching out to people and bringing positive changes into their lives. His sincerity and enthusiasm were noticeable the first time I met him.

I've always believed that life is a verb, not a noun, and that we all should make the most out of every day we have been given. Even if we are on the right path, we will still get run over if we just sit there...Thus, despite my busy work schedule, in October of 2001, I signed up for the Executive Skills Series, taught by Mr. G. Tchir. I knew I had made the right decision the minute I met Mr. Tchir. I attended every single session, and even though I thought I already knew a lot of the topics he talked about, when the course was over, I realized that it had added a new perspective to my hidden realm. It had put me in better contact with myself, assuring me once again that we become failures only when we stop trying...
...I highly recommend Mr. Tchir's classes to anyone, no matter how much knowledge they have...
I highly recommend Mr. Tchir's classes to anyone, no matter how much knowledge they have-- you can never learn too much! You can't always get what you want. Life just does not work that way, but you can change your attitude towards life and everything in it. By making only one difference in your life , new possibilities and power will be discovered. You'll realize that it does take only one person to change your life, and that person is YOU. So, "Dare To Be Great"! Let the light of who you are shine through all that you do! That`s what Mr. Tchir's book and classes are all about!

Inese Rezevska

I am writing to express my appreciation of your Executive Skills Series: "The Mini MBA Seminars." For eleven Monday evenings I attended your seminars addressing basic skills for success. The subjects of Goal Setting, Time Management, Marketing, Leadership, Negotiations, Presentation Skills, Organizational Skills, Self Discipline, and Effective Listening are applicable not only to my career, but also my family and personal life. Each of your seminars helped me to improve my personal awareness, knowledge, and application of these fundamental skills. This series has had a significant, lasting and positive effect on my outlook, focus and effectiveness and, I expect on my success in life. It has been the most rewarding education experience I have had to date in a life-long learning process. A small investment with enormous returns.
...A small investment with enormous returns...
I have already applied some of the principles presented at your seminars to both corporate and family life, and have already witnessed significant improvements. I am planning to send senior individuals from my firm to your future seminars with the expectation that they, as I have, will become more effective and valuable to our organization and our community. I believe you enjoyed presenting these seminars and I hope you will continue to do so for a very long time.

Richard F. Basta

I would like to thank you for the opportunity I have had to take your Mini MBA series. It was by far one of the most fundamentally useful classes I have every taken. The course helped me in many ways:
  • I look at things now with a much clearer direction. For instance, when I am communicating, both with people I manage and in every day life, I am able to identify exactly what the goal is first. By doing this, and achieving this mind set, problems get solved sooner and things are accomplished much quicker.
  • I have learned how to negotiate better. I was able to increase my compensation.
  • I organize and manage time more efficiently.
  • Your series helped expand my business acumen and enhanced my fundamental skills in ways that you just do not learn in college.
...I would with out hesitation refer anyone ... to take your course...
I would with out hesitation refer anyone, not just persons in business, to take your course. The skills you have taught are useful to anyone and really shows him or her that "failing to prepare is preparing for failure".
Stephen S. Sinisi

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my appreciation of and my respect for Mr. Gerry Tchir, presently working for Micros Retail Systems Inc. in Weehawken, New Jersey. I had the pleasure of meeting Gerry in his new role as Director of Sales for our company. I am a Senior Account Executive, presently in the industry of computerizing restaurants and hotels for over 12 years.

Gerry started with our company in September 2000. Immediately he set out his plan of how to achieve in sales and more importantly, in life. This would be done through "Integrity, Teamwork, Determination, Setting Goals and Focusing on Achieving those Goals". Let nothing stand in your way! Since his first day with our company, he has taken a disorganized sales team and shaped them into a highly motivated, focused team with a dramatic increase in sales. Professionalism and attitude are the foundation of this new organization he has molded. As a result, all members of our team, new hires and senior staff members are working on accounts with millions of dollars of potential each. In the past, this would have been considered unobtainable. Now the attitude is "It is unavoidable!" In the past we asked ourselves "Why would they buy from us? " Today we ask ourselves "How could they not buy from us?" Quite a change indeed!
...I would recommend him throughout New York, throughout the country and throughout the world...
I feel so strongly about Gerry's ability to focus, motivate, teach and lead that after only 4 months on the job, I personally presented Gerry with an award at our company annual party from the sales team for "Helping Others Succeed!" This is Gerry's gift. This is what he does best! I feel privileged to work with this fine individual. I consider Gerry a manager, a mentor and most importantly, a friend. Everyday is a learning experience for me and all who he comes in contact with. I would recommend him throughout New York, throughout the country and throughout the world to anyone seeking help in finding and achieving their true goals in business and in life.

Jack Babin

You are not only a powerful motivational speaker-, you are a teacher who is willing to share your experience and talent in order to equip your listeners with the requisite tools for achieving success.

At the time when I met you, I had been attending "self help" seminars regularly for over a year and a half. I would, as all the best students do, sit in the front of the class with pen in hand, ready to be "helped". I never felt inclined to use the information that was given to me.

In October, 1997, 1 attended your seminar on personal strategy planning. That one seminar is all it took to convince me of the powerful message being delivered. That message was one of self-empowerment. From there, I attended four other lectures and still felt as I did after the first. I recognize now that I have the power to change. As a 38 year-old African-American woman, I have heard many times that setting goals for myself is important, but never took the time to do it. Today, I am energized and ready to take responsibility for my own happiness. I no longer have to accept only that which I have been given. Now I can reach for the stars, as well as the moon.

Annette McGriff

Unbelievable! That seems to be the key word being echoed throughout the district as a result of your "Dare to Be Great!" series of workshops for our teachers, administrators, and secretaries, several of whom have stopped me in the halls, called or written to say "thank you for bringing Gerry Tchir to our district."
Judith R. Merz, Ed.D.

I don't know where to begin. Ever since I attended your class something new has risen inside my mind, body and soul. I am the type of person that's always looking for something positive to help me learn and grow further in my life. I just did not know I was in for an extra treat when I signed up for your class. The tools you helped me acquire were some the greatest tools I will be able to use for the rest of my life... ...Thank you Mr. Tchir for being the best you, you could be to us. Sharing your knowledge and expertise. You will never be forgotten.
Lolita Turner

I have just completed the Executive Skill Seminars taught by Mr. Gerald P. Tchir, and am writing to highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in making a total quality improvement in all areas of their life. Needless to say the course pays for itself many time over. Gerry Tchir is like an Anthony Robbins with real-life experiences. If anyone wants to "Dare to Be Great", then they should dare to take this course.
Jerry F. Vorbach

Professor Tchir,

I have grown so much from your Professional Selling Course. It has expanded my horizons. It led me to other opportunities. Thank you for your gift to me, maturity and more self-confidence. God Bless you.

Susan A. Brusco

Lots of Good Luck,

Susan A. Brusco


I personally thank you for the past several months of mentoring and coaching. The optimism that you radiate while in our meetings is empowering. This approach significantly gave me 2 critical foundations that every person needs to be Great in life, SELF CONFIDENCE and POSITIVE ENERGY. With these two base foundations I have been able to regain focus on both my current and future career goals as well my personal life.

While at work, much of the daily frustration no longer occurs “within my head” through setting up boundaries and discovering what can and cannot be controlled. Having the self-confidence now plays a major roll in my improved life. Now appearing “simple” and easy to do, months ago frustration, lacking confidence, negativism, was a driving force which affected my daily work and home life. The new established optimism and self confidence has created better communication skills, clearer vision, working and taking steps for my long term goals and most important establishing a consistent balance between work and family. I would like to thank you again for advising me through my updated resume, short and long term goals and having “me” find what I want out of life in order to be great.


I am so moved by your message "DARE TO BE GREAT" I recently wrote a blog dedicated to your powerful statement. Is speaks to me so profoundly. I am a 40 year old female on a journey of self discovery looking for certain words, messages and bold statements to just move me and yours has definitely done that for me. I will be ordering your book and am very anxious to read it. Thank you so much.

The link to my blog is:
Laura Trovato

MY THOUGHTS: Let me start off by saying the book "Dare to be Great" was wonderful to read, especially if an individual prefers suggestions on how to become successful. I find this book to be for people who are willing to take chances with their career and life in general. While reading the book, I suggest to the reader that he or she follows the step by step process; even if that means to stop and think for a few days on what your goals in life truly are. Personally, I found myself not wanting to put the book down but I knew at times it would be best for me to stop and think about things before continuing. I suggest this book to any person who feels that he or she needs motivation and support to continue with both he or she's goals and dreams. "Challenge yourself, then rise to meet that challenge"-Tchir


Gina Marie Giurastante

Hope all is well. I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for all the guidance and expert advice you have provided me with throughout our relationship. When Christine first introduced me to you I was very impressed. However, I never knew I'd be capable of achieving such levels of greatness without your help. Not only were you able to help me with my day to day work issues, you helped me plan a career path and develop specific goals for my future.
...With your help, I was able to get the job offer I was hoping for in less than 6 months...
Your coaching always left me feeling positive, energetic, and ready to tackle my next challenge. My most recent goal was to start a career with a major international corporation. You helped me learn the interview, follow up, and preparation processes. With your help, I was able to get the job offer I was hoping for in less than 6 months. I could never have imagined this happening. Your coaching was instrumental in this new opportunity. Thank you so much for being my coach, my teacher, and my friend. You are the greatest!


Nic Stasiuk